last words

Last Words Of A Condemned Man

Because I do feel regret and compassion for those that remain, it was tempting to dress up the story, in respect to the deceased and their loved ones, but if I am to lay my soul bare before you the Reader I must speak truly.

Dear reader friend, hear the declaration of this condemned man: There are forces that move in this world, forces you rarely see with the natural eye, because they are supernatural beings. Every now and then, a soul is born with eyes capable of seeing into that realm that goes beyond imagination. I have seen supernatural beings of darkness reaching for me. Oh God, they never stop reaching for all of us. They want our minds so they can destroy the creation of God.

As a child, my self-esteem was broken down. As a result, there was an opening in my mind a crack, if you will. I've always been sensitive to the spirit world. I know when a demon is peering out of a dark corner, as well as I know when angels of great beauty and power are hovering near. In the course of my life I have yielded to both powers, and there is only one conclusion: Right and good always follow the heavenly. Wrong and evil produce nothing but Hell.

If you are one who hears the night calling and cannot resist its seducing, find you a place to pray and ask our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to help you overcome these evil spirits that roam the darkness in search of a soul to devour.


The Making of a Serial Killer


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The True Story of the 1990
Gainesville Student Murders
in the Killer's Own Words.
Murder confessions & drawings
done on Death Row in Florida
during the early 1990's.
Second Edition.

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