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"The traditional remedy for speech that offends is to ignore it. To do anything further gives it much more power and significance than it ever had before."
~ Sondra London

Sondra London


I am an author, best known for my true crime books. The latest one is Sicarius, Death Row Fiction by Serial Killer Danny Rolling. This fantastical illustrated tale that Rolling had originally asked me to publish first came out in a limited edition in 2002, but then it was orphaned until 2022, when I gave it new life, appending my commentary and analysis.

In 2020, I released the Second Edition of The Making Of A Serial Killer, with twice as many illustrations as the First Edition that had been published by Feral House Books, who allowed it to go out of print.

Feral House Books had also published Killer Fiction, a book I coauthored with serial killer GJ Schaefer, and then likewise, they let it go out of print. In 2022, I released Beyond Killer Fiction: Rogue Cop, the first of two volumes about Gerard John Schaefer. This one is the complete collection of Schaefer's own shocking writings, that violate the boundaries between confession and fiction. The companion volume, a work in progress, covers Schaefer's true story, which is yet unfolding in real time, with two cold cases closed to him in the past year.

In 2013 I released Good Little Soldiers: A Memoir of True Horror. Coauthored with Dianne Fitzpatrick, it relates her tale of murder & MK Ultra, as witnessed by a traumatized child who is disbelieved when she reports it.

True Vampires is an encyclopedic compendium of bloody crimes, published by Feral House in October 2003, and illustrated by Nico Claux.

My first book was Knockin' On Joe: Voices from Death Row, published in the UK by Nemesis Books.

Many recognize me from my pioneering work with the late Discordian Nonprophet Kerry Thornley; I put him on national TV and published his tale of involvement in the assassination of JFK.

My byline appears on a dozen or so tabloid stories, and I was the subject of a biopic by Errol Morris that was aired on Bravo in the US and Channel Four in the UK.


I associate-produced five exclusive segments for A Current Affair in its prime, and I've contributed as a field producer to several documentaries produced out of London, England; most recently, a feature-length documentary on serial killer Glen Rogers that aired on Discovery ID, concerning his claim that he killed Nicole Brown Simpson.

In March of 2017, I appeared in an episode of Killer Cops about GJ Schaefer that aired on Sky TV.

Earlier in life, I was a lead singer with my own reggae band playing original world music; I wrote hi-tech product literature and manuals; and I worked keyboards for doctors and lawyers.

I've also published a book of poetry, a collection of World War II letters, and a series of coloring books featuring my mandalas.

I have designed and coded all my own websites since 1996. Though I'm best known for my writing, I actually enjoy doing artwork and music more these days.

Queen of Serial Killer Journalism

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