Runcible Tales

Sondra London

In the 1920s one self-appointed runciologist announced that "a runcible spoon is a kind of fork with three broad prongs or tines, one having a sharp edge, curved like a spoon, used with pickles, etc. Its origin is in jocose allusion to the slaughter at the Battle of Ronceveaux, because it has a cutting edge. ~ Cecil Adams, The Straight Dope

The Making of a Serial Killer 2d Ed
Sicarius: Death Row Fiction
The Ultimate Vampire
FBI Interrogation
True Crime TV
True Poems
Confession to Conspiracy
to Assassinate JFK

Kerry Went South
Representing James Earl Ray
Killer Cop
Good Little Soldiers
Shamans Unaware
Murder Lite
Guns & Day-Trading
The Devil's Child
True Vampires
Interview with a Vampire
Carl Panzram: Kill 'Em All
Hypnosis by John-Ivan Palmer

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