DIANNE FITZPATRICK TELLS SONDRA LONDON a most compelling tale, taking us deep into the mind of a sensitive, resourceful child forced to endure the everyday ordeal of life under the command of a homicidal maniac.

During WWII, Lithuanian collaborator Silvestras Griekshell had been plucked from a Nazi death camp and sent on covert missions by his Allied handlers. Now during the Cold War, he’d been redeployed as Steve Griggs, a nondescript American husband and father of four serving stateside as a cook in the U.S. Army.

Though still doing black-bag jobs on the side, this dangerous, volatile man was consumed by an insatiable appetite for sadistic violence and psychological torture. And now, his obsessions involved his own children.

Our story begins just as Griggs and his lovely wife place Dianne and Steven in a secret multigenerational program for experimentation, study and training with psychedelic enhancement.


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Sondra London | Dianne Fitzpatrick

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SONDRA LONDON has published confessions of serial killers and researched some of the most depraved criminal minds of our time. After twenty-four years of studying the real-life monsters in cages where Murder Road comes to a dead end, Sondra declares that nothing in the true-crime genre compares to this vivid and intimate account of surviving mortal terror at the hands of the undetectable serial killer SILVESTRAS.

Another superb work by Sondra London.
I have been a fan of Sondra London’s work since reading her True Vampires (2003). As a true crime buff and an author of books on the paranormal, I have found Sondra’s remarkable studies of serial killers compelling and soul-shaking. To read her current book, GOOD LITTLE SOLDIERS, co-authored with Dianne Fitzpatrick, is to feel as though one is held captive by a grotesque nightmare from which one cannot escape. One can only admire the strength of inner-spirit that allowed Dianne to emerge from a vicious swamp of true horror. Once again, Sondra London has given us a truly remarkable study of the very dark side of reality. ~ Brad Steiger, best-selling author of Real Vampires, Night Stalkers, and Creatures from the Darkside

In GOOD LITTLE SOLDIERS, Sondra London, the Queen of Serial Killer Journalism, applies her limitless talents to the murky realm of recovered memory. What results, as in her other work, is shockingly original and unlike anything that has been written before. ~ John-Ivan Palmer, Pushcart Prize Winner and author of Motels of Burning Madness

GOOD LITTLE SOLDIERS is a deeply moving story about two brave children who somehow managed to do the right thing, in defiance of a shadow government that sent them to hell. Powerfully told and beautifully written by Sondra London with Dianne Fitzpatrick, who is a strong and sensitive woman. This devastating account of an unconvicted war criminal who came to America after the Second World War, received a new identity under military auspices, and started a new career as a serial killer and father of four. Was he one of the "rehabilitated" Nazis brought over by Operation Paperclip? Steven Griggs aka Silvestras comes across as absolute evil in human form. It took rare courage to survive this monster, and later to remember and write this harrowing account of a childhood wrecked by a secret military program that attempted to turn little children into cold-blooded killers ready to murder for their country on command. Had the program succeeded, this riveting story would never have been told. Thanks to Sondra London and Dianne Fitzpatrick for bringing it all to light, and showing us that the way out begins with remembering and writing the truth. ~ Ann Diamond, award-winning author of My Cold War, a memoir about her own experiences in a program in Montreal.

GOOD LITTLE SOLDIERS is a riveting story of strength and triumph over the evil that runs rampant on this earth. ~ Justice Howard, Celebrity Photographer & Author of My Penpal the Serial Killer

As gripping as it is chilling, GOOD LITTLE SOLDIERS is by far the most eye-opening book into a dark and scary underworld that I have read, yet. Little do we know what goes on behind closed doors. Nor do we know what trauma has been perpetrated upon and endured by any child, anywhere. But secrets dribble out like blood through cracks in a fractured skull to be revealed in the open sunlight for all to see. This book does just that. ~ David W. Folsom, Early Fan

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