Sondra London



Burt Kearns
Documentary filmmaker & Author, Tabloid Baby

Vampires exist! They’ve been among us for centuries, and they’re hiding in plain sight today. Sondra London proves it beyond a reasonable doubt in this incredible work of investigative reporting, historical sleuthing and forensic interpretation. Beginning at the intersection of mythology and the latest headlines, she follows the trail of history’s most monstrous killers around the world, and finds the connections as few have dared and too many have overlooked. This is scary stuff! A frightening, fascinating page-turner that drives a stake into the heart of disbelievers, turns true crime into literature and somehow even humanizes the hideous criminals who are driven by a bloodlust they can’t control. With TRUE VAMPIRES, Sondra London has unleashed an unholy Bible that criminologists, journalists and historians will use as a textbook, and she shows the world the talent and courage that many in the journalism field have known about for years.

Clifford Linedecker
Author, The Vampire Killers

If you've ever wondered if vampires really exist in human form, Sondra London has written an absolutely absorbing book for you: TRUE VAMPIRES. The current crop of menacing blood drinkers are all here, real life killer vampires lurking in the shadows of cemeteries and prison cells from Florida to Paris, along with the legendary vampires of the distant past. London's riveting and forceful study of the vampire netherworld is an adventure you shouldn't miss. But beware: You may never sleep with the light off again.

Michael Newton
Author, The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

If you believe bloodsuckers dwell only in myths and movies, think again. London rips the lid off, in this inside view of a ghastly subculture as real - and as deadly - as it is difficult for "civilized" minds to conceive. Prodigious research and compelling prose make TRUE VAMPIRES Sondra London's most impressive work to date.

Jack Olsen
Author, Misbegotten Son, Predator

Sondra London knows her vampires - not the fictional ones who spring full-blown from the heads of novelists but the genuine articles, the real vampires who kill and suck blood and leave a scarlet trail of terror in the night. TRUE VAMPIRES is not for the squeamish, but connoisseurs of true crime will find it almost too good for the genre. Sondra London has always been a superb journalist and writer, and this book is her best.

Dr. Franklin Ruehl
Host/Producer of the cable TV series, Mysteries From Beyond The Other Dominion

Did a contemporary Cambodian vampire drink his victims' blood to cure himself of AIDS? Is one of Japan's foremost writers guilty of once having killed and devoured a college coed in Paris? Was the Russian monster known as "Iron Teeth" fond of human-flesh stews? These are among the myriad of intriguing questions answered in Sondra London's masterpiece, TRUE VAMPIRES, a genuine work of high scholarship on this sanguinary subject. While her focus is on modern hematophiles, she spans the corridors of time to unearth vampiric themes throughout history, such as Jesus' admonition to his disciples to eat of his flesh and drink of his blood, the unholy crimes committed in 1400 Scotland by a clan of flesh-ingesting cave dwellers, and the despicable acts of Hungary's female vampire, Countess Erzsebet Bathory! Accordingly, this book carries my highest commendation!

Harold Schechter
Author, The A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

Anyone who cherishes the comforting belief that blood-sucking fiends are simply a figment of the Gothic imagination will never sleep peacefully again after reading Sondra London's encyclopedic survey of the vampire phenomenon. Covering every aspect of this darkly fascinating subject--from myth and folklore to history and psychology--her book is at its unnerving best in revealing the existence of the monsters among us: those real-life beings possessed by an unslakable thirst for human gore. Even the most widely read true crime aficionado will learn something new and shocking from virtually every page of this astonishing volume. London has produced a classic of the genre.

Brad Steiger
Author, The Werewolf Book: An Encyclopedia of Shapeshifting Beings

Far from the sensual, seductive image of the vampire made popular in romantic fiction and motion pictures, there lies a dark and dangerous being, monstrously human, rather than preternatural. The real vampires among us are not harmless, role-playing "Goths" with their fake fangs, swirling capes, and whitish, "undead" makeup, who attend nightclubs where every night is Halloween, but individuals who truly thirst for blood and do not hesitate to take human life to satisfy this perverse need. The traits of the real vampire may also include a ghoulish fascination with corpses and even a taste for human flesh. We are fortunate to have such a guide as Sondra London to keep us on a safe passage through a world that is nightmarish, grisly, gruesome, and all the more frightening because this book is not merely the creation of an imaginative author who wants to give us a good scare, but the product of a darn good investigative journalist who warns us that there are, indeed, real vampires.

Maury Terry
Author, The Ultimate Evil

An informative, chilling look deep inside a dangerous psychological subculture most of us wish didn't exist. In TRUE VAMPIRES, author Sondra London travels a harrowing road many would fear to tread.

Colin Wilson
Author, Mammoth Book of the History of Murder

Vampires ought not to exist - that is a statement with which every sensible person will agree. Yet the research of Sondra London has revealed that on this matter, common sense is mistaken. Her account, which is destined to become a classic of the literature, ranges from Hungary in the 17th century to America in our own time, leaving no doubt that vampirism is more than a superstition - more, even, than a rare psychological illness: it is a reality that deserves to be taken into account by all students of paranormal research. The author, best known as a fine criminologist, here reveals herself as a remarkable historian.




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