For many years Warren Report critics, as well as anyone who attempted to take a closer look at the Manson family, were popularly dismissed as "ghouls" and "vultures."

"Manson made many friends during his last seven years in prison," before his release in the middle Sixties, according to Ed Sander's The Family. "Some cell-mates say that Manson planned all along to collect an army of outcasts operating 'beneath the awareness' of the mother culture." (p. 32)

That Brother-in-law may have been involved in creating the Manson cult, as he must have been in on the John Kennedy assassination, was a notion that came to me slowly, very much intuitively feared before it was consciously acknowledged.

There is the nagging consideration that Robert Kennedy dined with Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski the night of his death and that Manson's people were very much involved with the "black-caped, black-garbed, death-worshipping Process Church of the Final Judgment" which, writes Sanders, "arrived on the Los Angeles scene in early 1968. They stayed in public view till a few days after Robert Kennedy's assassination in June of '68, after which they dropped from sight in Los Angeles." (p. 80)

We also read in The Family (p. 73) that Sharon Tate was initiated into witchcraft by a disciple of Aleister Crowley, who was technical advisor on the set of a horror movie she made in London, and that San Francisco Satanist Anton LaVey played the role of the Devil in Rosemary's Baby. (p. 77)

And we also read of Miss Tate that in 1966 "her father, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Tate, was doing his thing in Vietnam, capping a career in army intelligence." (p. 76)

Without the context of Brother-in-law's strange fascinations for both Satanism and military intelligence matters, such circumstantial oddities don't take on much significance. But Sanders makes a further observation that lends more weight to any hypothesis for investigation that might arise from these disturbing hints.

"It is possible that the Process had a baleful influence on Sirhan Sirhan since Sirhan is known, in the spring of '68, to have frequented clubs in Hollywood in the same turf as the Process was proselytizing. Sirhan was very involved in occult pursuits. He has talked several times subsequent to Robert Kennedy's death about an occult group from London which he knew about and which he really wanted to go to London to see."

And Process headquarters just happens to be in London, where they broke off from the local Scientology chapter the year President Kennedy was assassinated.

"There was one Process member named Lloyd who was working as a chef for one of the large Los Angeles hotels, either the Ambassador or the Sheraton. Lloyd was around fifty years old" and seems to have belonged to the branch of The Process called Jehovans.

"It is probably a coincidence that Sirhan seems to have visited a friend who worked in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel the day before he shot Senator Kennedy." (pp. 95-96)

Possibly, as paranoid as it may seem, it was not a coincidence. Could the Polanskis have been somehow involved in the conspiracy to murder Robert Kennedy? Many people with relatives or close friends in Communist bloc countries are perforce involved with the intelligence community, as may have been true of Roman Polanski, for if they don't follow orders, their loved ones in the old country are at the mercy of the secret police. And for that reason many join organizations consisting of exiles bent on liberating the homeland from Marxist rule.

Might the Tate killings have been a revenge crime for the assassination of Robert Kennedy? Might the murderers have been motivated at a more clandestine level by instigators working both sides of the fence? They would have been in a position to blackmail anyone conspiring with Manson or his followers, putting a contract out on Sharon Tate and her friends.

A somewhat far-fetched hypothesis, I grant you, but those are the kinds of notions about the disturbing links that kept occurring to me, sometimes in the form of nightmares.

Particularly since counter-cultural writer and publisher Paul Krassner was also announcing that his personal investigations had turned up numerous links between the Manson crowd, military intelligence, and the Kennedy assassinations, they were not possibilities I could easily dismiss -- especially in light of what I was now learning about standard operating procedures in secret society combat within the intelligence community.




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