Jonathan Vankin suggests that my JFK murder testimony was a Discordian prank in
Conspiracies, Cover-Ups, and Crimes: Political Manipulation and Mind Control In America.

But here Vankin was only giving voice to a long-whispered intelligence community suspicion.

Out in the open, it can be refuted with no appearance of attacking windmills.

My fingers have always been in many pies.

Sometimes, as with the Law of Fives, there is overlap. Not often. Not even often enough, for that matter.

Usually, the assassination is at one end of reality and Discordianism is at the other. After all, each Discordian is High Pope of his or her own madness.

Others have deemed my assassination stories a desperate plot to get laid.

My drugs, sex and treason were never so integrated.

Would that they were. Would that they were.

Perhaps the strangest conclusion Vankin reached about me was his notion of me regarding my mother as my first mind controller. This was based on the use of the same word program in two different contexts.

Once Paula Petty told me the CIA called what Brother-in-law did with me a program as he repeated himself over and over. This was part hypnotism (repetition stimuli) and part logic, which assumed people given certain data will react in certain predictable ways say, in a political coup.

My mother, I noted, also repeated herself about five or six things. So Vankin heard this and concluded that my mother programmed me. Moreover, he seems to have thought I meant both uses of program in the sense of high-tech mind-control programs.

All I am saying is that I think my mother wanted me to sooner or later figure out what was going on so she repeated certain hints which seemed at the time bereft of relevance.

Brother-in-law later did much the same thing but for far more specific reasons.

Meanwhile, mind-control programming was present as an independent factor, if not an unknown one.




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