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I use an e-commerce platform called VIDA to create made-to-order, print-on-demand fashions of my own design. Launched in 2014, VIDA relies upon a worldwide network of designers and makers. To visit the Sondra London Collection at VIDA, clickon any of the ensemble pictures on the following pages.

All VIDA Custom-Made Items are printed, stitched, hand-finished, flown across the world, and then packaged with care to reach your doorstep within about 4-8 weeks.

Each graphic design displayed can be printed to order on a variety of items such as scarves, tapestries, handkerchiefs, handbags, wraps, tops, pants, and throw pillows. For example, let's say you see a top you like, but you don't see pants to go with it, or maybe you'd like four or five different throw pillows rendered from the same design. Just let me know and I will have it made to order for you through VIDA.

VIDA only displays a limited selection of the available designs at any one time. Should you see an item displayed here that you want, but you can't find it on the VIDA page, just contact me and I will make sure you get it. I also take requests!


Exotic Exotic

Enchanting Enchanting

Earthy Earthy

Gracious Gracious

Mandalesque Mandalesque

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