sorority stuff

Sorority Stuff

Cleanup involves the tedious type of work that many successful photographers would prefer to have a subcontractor or assistant take care of. I've done this sort of work in several environments. Here are some samples of before & after views. For "Sorority Stuff," I dropped out backgrounds from photographs so the images could appear on a website against a white background.

For the "Flour Sack" images, my client had acquired a collection of vintage printers' proofs, along with the rights to reproduce the images, which were defaced with markings and folds, and obscured by the grit and grime of time. The prints were one-offs struck from the offset press, usually out of alignment on the color separations. They had then been marked up, signed by the agent, and filed with the accounting records. The images I worked with were photos taken of the old prints. I did not materially alter them; my assignment was limited to cleaning them up and extracting images my client could license.

Flour Sacks

Flour Sacks

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